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G O Johnsen AS

Nutrition for new and profitable ideas

G.O. Johnsen AS is a leading and active supplier of safe ingredients and additives for foodstuff, pharmaceutical products, animal feed and fish feed in Norway and Iceland. We have a broad network of contacts within and outside Norway.

We strive to provide our customers with nutrition for new and profitable ideas.

G.O. Johnsen AS was established in 1906 and has always been family owned. The company is today managed by Siri V. Johnsen who is the fourth generation in the company. Through the years we have worked in close contact with the customers and we have succeeded in developing solid knowledge about the market and our customer requirements. At the same time we have also succeeded in renewing and further developing our company.


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Saltnivået i prosessert mat er en tosidig utfordring for bransjen. På den ene siden er det et politisk mål å bedre folkehelsa ved å senke natriuminntaket til befolkningen. På den andre siden skal produktene vi lager være smakfulle, trygge og appellerende for forbruker. Det å lage en salterstatter som innehar de tekniske egenskapene til NaCl og som samtidig har de riktige smaksegenskapene, er ingen enkel oppgave.

SmartSalt skiller seg fra mange andre salterstattere ved å være et ekte mineralsalt som kan fungere som alternativ til vanlig bordsalt. Det er en saltløsning hvor natrium er byttet ut med mineralene magnesium og kalium. SmartSalt løser flere problemstillinger:

  • Reduserer natriuminnholdet med opptil 40%
  • Gir samme velkjente smak som bordsalt
  • Gir samme tekstur som salt
  • Gir i likhet med bordsalt en konserverende effekt
  • Kan brukes i prosessering og på kjøkkenet hjemme

Saltkartet nedenfor viser at størsteparten av verdens befolkning får i seg for mye salt.


Kilde: http://www.forskning.no/artikler/2014/januar/378769

WHO anbefaler et inntak på 2 gram natrium om dagen, noe som tilsvarer cirka 5 gram salt. Flere land har tatt tak i denne utfordringen allerede, blant annet Finland hvor produkter er merket spesielt i forhold til saltinnholdet. Det har manglet fullgode alternativer til vanlig salt, men SmartSalt leverer gode resultater sammenlignet med tradisjonelt salt.

Interessert i mer informasjon angående saltreduksjon og SmartSalt? Kontakt oss.


G.O. Johnsen AS  has for decades provided safe products from recognized manufacturers to leading Norwegian brands. This has enabled us the possibility to build up considerable competence which we have also strengthened through employees with solid professional background in nutrition, health, product development and marketing.

We have always been close with our customers and regard it as a great value to share knowledge and information with both customers and suppliers. Through our active and responsible role we have built up the trust of customers and suppliers. The consequence is that we function as a hub in the exchange of knowledge and experience in the industries we work.

Knowledge and experience are essential in any product development process, whether it involves new and innovative products or product improvements. Our expertise gives nurture to new ideas.


Our competence is essential to ensure customers with safe and effective solutions and products. At G.O. Johnsen AS we work across markets and countries and our collaborators  share knowledge and skills with each other for the benefit of our customers. We work systematically and continuously. We develop ourselves so that we at all times are able to meet our customers with up to date and innovative competence.

We are actively engaged in our customers and in society. We take the initiative to create mutually beneficial business and positive customer experiences. We care about our customers and their commercial challenges. We take the initiative to build good and long-term customer relationships.

Our coworkers challenge each other and our customers. We are confident that this approach creates value for customers, coworkers and owners. We are committed to efficient management and low costs to remain competitive in the market.


The planet’s perhaps greatest challenge is that the number of people is expected to pass nine billion in 2050. This means that the demand for food will be twice as big as today while resources are scarce.

Feed is a crucial factor in effective animal production both in aquaculture and agriculture. The animal feed must be produced in a sustainable way while contributing to good animal health.

Correctly formulated feed give the animals all the essential nutrients. The challenge is divided into two, macro ingredients (corn, fishmeal etc.) are important but the animal also need micro ingredients such as vitamins and minerals in the right amount to stay healthy and to utilize the feed in the best possible way. We can also help animals to digest feed and utilizing raw materials better by adding enzymes. We contribute so the animal receive proper nutrients, grow and perform optimally at lower volume intake.

At G.O. Johnsen AS we engage in the customer challenges. Therefore we can contribute to safe, innovative and competitive products. In our efforts to develop feed production, we are particularly engaged with quality, health and utilization of raw materials and traceability.


Production of foodstuffs in today’s society is unthinkable without food additives. The purpose of the additives is to retrieve the taste and color lost during processing as well  as to improve shelf life, add extra vitamins, give desired consistency or a more attractive appearance.

Today’s knowledgeable consumers challenge the food industry and demand new and improved products. This is a challenge G.O. Johnsen AS engage in. We contribute to an effective and positive development of an industry in constant change. Our competence of and understanding of the products and their applications are important contributions to new ideas and product development among our customers. We have a strong and active position in the food industry. We have developed this position over time through engagement, close dialogue with customers and continuous competence development internally. Our customers expect high-quality, safe delivery and that our products are produced according to sustainable and ethical principles.


Modern consumers are concerned about diet, nutrition and health. More people live longer and this has changed the requirements and consciousness of the relation between nutrition and health. We also know that an active and modern lifestyle at times can lead to inadequate diet.

To ensure consumers proper nutrition and good health during different stages of life there is the possibility to add vitamins and nutrients in your diet or through supplements. To enrich products within the limits set by the authorities are important contributions to public health.

The increased knowledge and awareness of the consumers creates challenges and opportunities for our customers. In G.O. Johnsen AS we take an active role in helping to solve these challenges . We are close to our customers and the market to ensure safe nutritional products.


Additives and ingredients are small but important contributions to modern society. G.O. Johnsen AS is one of Norway’s leading suppliers. We supply products that are produced according to the requirements of sustainability and ethics.

For decades G.O. Johnsen AS have provided safe products from recognized producers to leading Norwegian brands. Today we have built up a strong position in three areas: additives and ingredients for the production of food, feed and pharmaceutical products.

We set high requirement on our suppliers, they have to be innovative, socially conscious and leading in their field. We have succeeded in maintaining a close and long term relationship with some of the world’s leading suppliers.


Please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

G.O. Johnsen AS
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G.O. Johnsen AS has contributed to growth and innovation for more than 100 years. The company was established in January 1906 in Kristiania (Oslo) by Gudmund Olai Johnsen (1872-1949). We have participated and contributed to Norwegian industry and development through 107 years, a fact which we are proud of!

We have worked continuously to improve our product. Customers and suppliers have valued our contribution and given us their confidence. Under the management and ownership of the same family for four generations, we have adapted new ways of working, methods and technologies. Our company has chosen values ​​which have proved right through different phases; from explosives to drugs from plastics to fish farming and flavours!

More than 100 years

In January 1906 G.O. Johnsen AS (1872-1949) established his own import agency in Kristiania. We have always worked to improve our product. Customers and suppliers have valued our effort and shown us confidence.  Under management of  the same owner family through four generations, we have adapted new manners of working, new methods and technologies. Our company has chosen values which have proved right through changing phases from dynamite to pharmaceuticals, from fishfarming to aromas.  Presently our main activity is within edible microingredients.  In the following historical survey we will point to some of the most important phases in the company during more than 100 years.

Gudmund Olai Johnsen at the office 1947


G.O. Johnsen started with a wide range of products ranging from drugs and pharmaceutical specialities to ropes and dynamite. Particularly important during this period were considerable deliveries of dynamite from Sprengstofwerke Dr. Nansen.  An important share of the 225 tons of dynamite for the blasting operations in the Gravhalsen tunnel was supplied by G.O. Johnsen as from 1900.


In the 1930s a 50 year period with large deliveries to the paint-, varnish-, printingink- and other chemical industries started.  We supplied pigments, binders, siccatives and other important raw materials such as aluminiumpaste and antifouling agents for shipspaints.  We got our first process machinery agency in 1938, handling Uniroll, a single roll mill from the British company Vickers Armstrong, an innovation in the paint industry. The first machines were delivered right after the War in 1945 and got  a wide distribution. One mill is still working today. We started working for the Italian company Officine Meccaniche Molteni from the end of the 1960s and sold their pearlmills and dispension machines all over Scandinavia. Molteni was a pioneer on hydraulic operation of such machines. Our field of work expanded continuously and covered a wide range of mixers and mills, sieves and filling machines from producers in Great Britain and Germany.  In the beginning of the 1970s we came by chance through our principals in the paint industry in contact with the brewing industry. We learned that storage vessels for pigment pastes had their origin in the brewery industry. We were the first company to supply storarge tanks and necessary auxilliary equipment for storing and drawing beer to Norwegian hotels and restaurants replacing the oldfashioned aluminium drums.  We also supplied the first tanker cars for beer distribution.  The equipment was British and produced by the company Porter Lancastrian Ltd. The end of the 1970s also brought us into powder technology with considerable contracts of process equipment for drying, grinding and milling powders for a wide range of chemical industries. The supplier was the Japanese company of Hosokawa Ltd with world-wide activities. At the same time we expanded our competence in mixing techniques to include enameled tanks and reactors from the German company of Schwelm GmbH with important deliveries to the pharmaceutical industries.

Plastics and rubbers

After the War we participated actively from the very start  of the Norwegian plastic processing industry as supplier of plastic polymers and processing machinery. It started with deliveries of PVC from British Geon Ltd and polystyrene from British Resin Products Ltd (BRP) and expanded into HDPE from BRP and LDPE from the Finnish company Pekema. These raw materials were used for the production of pipes and cables as well as consumer articles like buckets and trays. From 1951 we represented the Swiss company Netstal and delivered through the years more than 200 injection moulding machines to Norwegian customers. We also started working for Maillefer in Switzerland, producer of extruders and cable machinery. All the Norwegian cable producers were our customers for these products. Plastic and cables were exciting and important products for us up to mid 1980s. During the 1960s and 70s we also had large deliveries of synthetic rubbers to the Norwegian rubber industry from The Industrial Synthetic Rubber (ISR). Synthetic rubbers were used as rawmaterial in the production of tyres, wellingtons and foamed products.


The company has been active in the pharmaceutical industry from the very beginning in 1906, with both sale of medical specialties and sale of ingredients to the Norwegian pharmaceutical industry. We started working with English May & Baker (M & B) in 1906 and Swiss F Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche) in 1911. In the years up to 1972 we were the Norwegian agent for the pharmaceutical specialties of these companies. We sold among other products M & B’s sulfathiazole which was the first commercial antibiotic and known to have saved Churchill’s life twice. Other important products that were marketed in Norway during our agency was Largactil, Stemetil and Flagyl and Roche preparations Librium, Valium, Mogadon and Bactrim. We also worked with Roche’s diagnostic equipment and operated the distribution of these products to Norwegian hospitals and medical offices until the mid-1980s. We are still a major supplier to the Norwegian pharmaceutical industry with products such as vitamins and xylitol.

Vitamins and carotenoids

From early on it has been known that liver could cure night-blindness and that citrus fruits could prevent scurvy.  Vitamin C was first described in 1912 and in 1933 Roche succeeded in being the first company to synthesize this vitamin.  We are proud of having supplied the first quantity of synthesized vitamin C to Norwegian customers already in 1937.  We have participated in the challenging development with continuous new vitamin products and applications within pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, animal feed and fishfeed for almost 70 years. We are now cooperating with DSM Nutritional Products in the sale of vitamins and fine chemicals.

Animal feeds and fishfeed

An important condition in modern domestic animal breeding is that the animals are given essential nutriants as vitamins through the feed.  In this way animal well fare,  nutrition and health are safeguarded. Through several decenniums, we have been contributors to the compounding industries and today to an increasing extent. Our product range has been among  others vitamins, carotinoids, enzymes, aromas and antioxydants. Fish farming is an important industry in Norway. We have supplied this industry from its start. We participated actively in Roches cooperation with Norwegian companies and Norwegian scientists who identified, described and tested astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a carotinoid which is also  found in shrimps.  It is an essential nutriant improving fertility, survival of eggs and smolt. Furthermore, it gives the salmon its fine red colour in meat and roe.  The first commercial quantities came on the market in 1985 and since then there has been a steep growth in step with the growth of Norwegian salmon farming.


From the early 1960s  and until the middle of the 1990s we cooperated closely with the Israeli cooperative society CCPA. Very important were deliveries of citrus concentrates for lemonades, marmelades and juices.  CCPA also supplied tomato and paprika products, and in 1971 we got into cooperation with Mr. Lou Jordan, the ”gründer” of Peppes Pizza and were through 10-12 years supplier of their requirements for formulated pizzasauce and paprika.  In 1978 we started cooperating with Xyrofin, now Danisco Sweeteners. They used birchwood as a starting point for the production of xylitol, a natural non-cariogenic sweetener. We took part in establishing this product in Norway, xylitol is today a well known and dominant sweetener in chewing gums and pastils. In 1992 we started cooperation with the Swiss aroma producer, Givaudan. Aroma is being used in all areas of the food industry and we are the leading supplier in Norway. Today we are representatives for a range of international suppliers of ingredients for foodstuffs and through our products we concentrate on contributing to safe and attractive food.